بهمن ۱۶ ۱۳۹۸ ۰دیدگاه

Energy Investment Adviser/Political and Energy Researcher

دارای سابقه حرفه ای در زمینه سرمایه گداری انرژِی ، بازرگانی ، مذاکرات خارجی ، اسکادا و اتوماسیون و تله متری

محقق در زمینه علوم سیاسی و نقد و بررسی اخبار و اطلاعات سیاسی و اقتصادی

متخصص در سرمایه گذاری انرژی و انرژی های تجدید پذیر و دعوت شده به کنفرانس ها و نمایشگاه های بین المللی و برنده جایزه انرژی

اشنایدر الکتریک فرانسه.



فوق لیسانس علوم سیاسی: دانشگاه علوم و تحقیقات تهران

لیسانس : برق قدرت

ضمیه های فعالیت:

انرژی ، برق :

۱-متخصص در زمینه مولد های انرژی پاک و گازی تولید پراکنده

۲- متخصص اسکادا و کنترل و مانیتورینگ نیروگاهی و پست

۳- متخصص در چندین نرم افزار خارجی صنعت برق

۴- دعوت شده به چندین نمایشگاه صنعت برق و انرژی و سرمایه گزاری کره جنوبی و ارتباط با مدیران هیوندایی ، تاپ سان و ال جی….

۵-برنده جایزه اشنایدر فرانسه و دعوت شده به پاریس و بازید از شرکت اشنایدر

۶- انجام چندین پروژه کنترل و مانیتورینگ

۶- سخنران در کنفرانس انرژی های سبز و بازیافت برلین، آلمان دسامبر۲۰۱۹

۷- تامین برق چادر های عشایر خراسان جنوبی با سیستم های خورشیدی

۸- مشاور اقتصادی شورای شهر بجستان

۹- بازرگانی انرژی

سیاستگذاری انرژی، علوم سیاسی و اقتصادی :

۱- ارایه برنامه اصلاحات سازمان ملل متحد و بررسی اصلاحات ان بعد از جنگ سرد

۲- طراحِ بازی فوق شطرنجی در مقابله با تهدیدات نظامی و تبلیغاتی دشمن در سال ۱۳۸۶

۳- موسس سایت ” بسوی جهان وطنی”


۴- ارایه تحلیل سرمایه گذاری به صاحبان صنایع در کره جنوبی برای فعالیت در ایران در آبان ۱۳۹۴ در سئول

۵- سخنرانی در کره جنوبی با موضوع ایران بعد تحریم و انرژی

۶- ارایه تحلیل اقتصادی برای مشاوران اقتصادی از برزیل

۷- مذاکره با مسئولین و مدیران وزارت خارجه و نمایندگان مجلس برای رفع موانع و مشکلات سرمایه گذارن حوزه انرژی های تجدید پذیر



Fist Name: Sayyid Mohsen   Family Name: Madani                Gender:  Male

     Email:  s.moh.madani@gmail.com , Madani@jahanvatani.ir


  • Political and Economic Researcher especially in the field of energy policy and Economic
  • Professional Expert and extensive skills in the topics of Energy and Consultations on renewable energy and Distributed generation. (Financial and technical)
  • I have expertise in fields of SCADA, automation and collaboration in engineering projects.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sayyidmohsenmadani



Master Art Degree – Political science                                                 Oct 2010- Feb 2013

Islamic Azad University of Science and Research of Tehran, Iran

Bachelor’s Degree – Power Electrical Engineering                            ۲۰۰۳-۲۰۰۷

      Islamic Azad University of Gonabad, Iran.


Energy Policy & Political Science


  • Consulting in the field of energy policy and especially energy optimization to Khorasan regional power company. (April 2018).
  • Negotiations with authorities and policy makers of the Iranian energy sector and analysis and review of renewable power plants and Negotiations on solving their problems and future studies in the field of energy in Iran. (January 2018)


-Founder of educational website ” www.jahanvatani.ir “

(Jan 2015- percent).

I have been trying to share this series information in Jahanvatani.ir

Introduction of democracy models and Promoting the concept of good governance (Farsi)

Promoting the principles of cosmopolitan democracy

Promoting Sustainable Development Principles and Third Millennium Goals

Familiarizing the community with renewable energies and its importance.

– Participate in different courses:


-Workshop on “The Simulation of UN security Council-Tehran, Iran – ۲۰۱۲

– Conference: ” The Evolution of human Right Concepts Tehran, Iran – ۲۰۱۵

– Participated of the 4th International Model OIC, Global Summit Held in Mashhad-2016

 – Speech and presentation in Energy Show 2015 in Seoul – Korea -2015

“Realities and needs of the Energy industry in the Middle East and Iran

– Project Navigator Training Workshop of IRENA – International Renewable Energy Agency- Nov 2017


  • Member of Founding Board of Political Science Association of Tehran University of Science and Research. – ۲۰۱۳.

Knowledge and software expertise:

Office Tools:

  • Microsoft Window s (all versions)
  • Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Power Point)
  • Internet Tools (Browsers, email, etc.)

Professional searcher in the internet to find benefit catalogues,

articles and ORGs for communication.

  • Expert of Mendeley Software for research purposes.
  • Photoshop software and video making
  • Enough expertise to WordPress, SEO and Google Analytics
  • A professional specialist in professional electrical industry software

Field of Energy 

 Adviser of ECO Iran Chemical Company (May 2018-present)

  • Advising Construction of a solar power plant in the factory
  • Construction of a motor oil production line with the cooperation of South Korean and Chinese companies

-Technical Project Manager / Athos solar .co (German company): (Oct 2017 – May 2018) 

Review technical and investment issues

Supervise technical functions

Solar Panel Washing System Design

Negotiating with commodity suppliers

Negotiating with government executives on various issues

Analysis of data on forty plants for the construction of a solar power plant.

Check the amount of energy produced per site based on climatic conditions

Checking the contracts of sites and developers with the New Energy Organization of Iran 

–       Energy Investment Advisor of City Council, Municipally, in Bajestan (2015 -2016)

 (About CHP power plant and Solar Power Plant – ECO PARK)

 Consulting Contract

  • Investigate the profitability of power plant construction
  • Determine the exact time of return on investment and the rate of return.
  • Negotiating with manufacturers of Gas Power Engine.
  • Doing the final selection of manufacturer of generators and negotiate with them.
  • Obtaining a guaranteed contract electricity sales with Khorasan Regional Electricity Distribution Company.
  • Giving a satisfied Offer for heating and cooling with thermal of Gas Power Plant.
  • Design a Solar systems and other Equipment for Eco Park
  • Continuous updating of the details of project and coordination with other organization
  • Attend meetings of government managers to defend the plan.

–         Business Expert

                 Peyman Khotoot Shargh .co, Mashhad, Iran

Full Time – Oct 2013 to Dec 2015

  • Marketing for the company’s products (RTU, Meter …)
  • The estimated cost of technical projects
  • Technical shopping for projects

       Expert of SCADA

                  Peyman Khotoot Shargh,  Mashhad, Iran

Full Time -Apr 2010 to Oct 2013

  • Expert of RTU560-ABB & Zenon Software
  • Network Manager Software – ABB

–         Engineering of RTU Systems – Modje Niroo Group, Tehran, Iran

Full Time         Oct 2009 to Apr 2010

  • Installation Fault Indicator of Schneider Electric Company
  • Dep of tenders.

Skill of Power Electrical Energy:

  1. Project Manager
  2. Commercial Affairs &Marketing
  3. Business Advisor for Investing in CHP Gas Power Plant & Renewable Systems
  4. SCADA
  5. Data analysis of Energy sector

۴.۱. SCADA Solutions:

  • System Developer (Software/Hardware)
  • System Designer (Engineering)
  • System Integration (Software, Communication, RTU)
  • Network Manager Systems of ABB
  • Zenon (Energy Edition) of COPA-DATA

۴.۲. RTU Systems:

  • System Developer
  • System Designer
  • RTU560-ABB

۴.۳. Expert of “PV Software” PVSYST

Award & Honors:

  1. I am a winner of the Schneider Electric Paris Marathon Energy Contest.

I had the closet guess to the amount of energy generated through their energy tiles at the Schneider Electric

 Paris Marathon 2014              ۶ April 2014

  1. Participation in exhibitions and meeting with South Korean companies on renewable energy

 (at the invitation of KOTRA, Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency Commercial Section,

Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Iran)

Sweet 2012 – Expo Exhibition 2012

  1. Speech and presentation in Energy Show 2015 in Seoul – Korea

“Realities and needs of the Energy industry in the Middle East and Iran.


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